Checklist for Ink drawing 


  1. 10 COMPLEX patterns in the Negative space 

  2. 1 Contour drawing of vase and flower

  3. 2 objects of your choice


Total= 25 points

Pear still life

Negative & Postive Space 

Click Here

To Submit Website with Photograph of Pear Still Life  


ART- Drawing and painting

In this class, you will be introduced to all the programs and skills you need to create great videos 

 A project once a month

Week 1: Skill building & Planning 
Week 2: Creating 
Week 3: Editing
Week 4: Fixing and publishing


Your grade for this course will be determined by your digital portfolio (your website).

To earn the best grade possible your portfolio should show the following:

70% Assignments and projects: A good representation of your assignments and projects along with reflection about the assignments and what you learned in doing them.

30% Involvement: Particpation is vital in the artroom. There are plenty of opportunities to become involved within the artroom setting. Explore and learn about the various types of art expressions. See which one fits your personality. 


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