Proportion and Scale Create Depth: The Principle Behind Capturing An Amazing Shot

Let's understand what these words mean.

Proportion: is the perceived size of one thing compared to another.

  • Pro tip: Use the points of emphasis to guide where you place people/objects/food within the frame.

Scale: is how much room it takes up in the picture.




To brainstorm my artwork/shot I sketched a storyboard.

I placed a person near the camera and a second person away from the camera.Here is a timelapse of how I did my sketch storyboard to create depth.

All artwork should be pre planned.

To play this video, view this post from your live site.

Record for five to ten seconds to use the clip later on.

Here are some other examples of using Proportion (placement) and Scale (size) in artwork:

The Proportion is the placement of the young and older woman the scale is their size.

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